Saturday, 2 June 2012

A wrong decision..

I heard from my elders that a  wrong decision can play a  vital role in destroying or creating  the practical life of any person. I  got suffered from this disaster that at the time of admission in the university one of my best friend  opted to study in the Preston University but I went against his decision & decided to get enrolled myself in another university of the city. But by the passage of very bleak time I started the condemnation of my own wrong decision to choose the different arena of studies. Even during the studies my friend got the offers for the future job or intern ship from the well reputed organisations of  the globe. Today we both have completed our university level studies but truly I  feel no hesitation in saying that as far as the knowledge is concerned my friend is sitting on the upper stair than me. Its a sort of lesson for me as well that always the right decision at the right time is better than the regret.


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  2. Very nice blog....Decision of study in Preston universty could never be wrong..It will always be a correct decision for any student.